Our case systems.

The innovative case systems with many possible variations cover a wide range of applications with special compatibility features. The area of ​​application ranges from small to large pipes. Whether self-driven or for push operation, there are no restrictions, but an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Case System IS2 PC

The extensively equipped system for all inspection work including optional PC and data display with many functions, easy to use, function checks and system check. Without additional accessories suitable for the use of cameras, additional lights and tractors, proper WinCan software can be added. Hardware video digitization will be included.

DimensionsHeight 185mm, width 500mm, depth 390mm
Weight21 kg

Pan-tilt-camera RC-65 PAL/HD

The all-round view color camera RC-65G delivers high video quality, with upright picture function, pluggable for use with tractor CT-100 and CT-150, for house connections, ducts, pipelines.

Area of ApplicationPipe, Industry
DimensionsDiameter 85mm, length 205mm
Resolution1080 Lines

Pan-tilt-camera RC-100Z PAL/HD

The newly developed all-round view color camera with zoom delivers high video quality and is used with tractor CT-150. From diameter 150 up to 1500 high-resolution video quality. Full turning and swiveling range from DN 150, distance sensor for profile control, laser diodes for expanding the measurement technology.

Area of A​applicationPipe, Wells, Industry
DimensionsDiameter 99mm, length 258mm
Resolution1090 Lines

PR-150 M

Motorized cable drum as a mobile unit (rollers) or as a built-in version for cable lengths of up to 150 m. Compact and robust unit with powerful engine. Equipped with meter counter, remote control on the drum and synchronous control.

Area of A​pplicationPipe, Wells, Industry
DimensionsHeight 540mm, width 280mm, depth 540mm
Weightapprox. 30 kg depending on cable length


The drum for vehicle installation. Designed for cable lengths of 200 to 500m. Splashproof, with powerful engine. Synchronous control for synchronism of tractor and cable drum

Area of A​pplicationPipe, Wells, Industry
DimensionsHeight 510mm, width 470mm, depth 700mm
Weight80 – 120 kg depending on equipment and cable length

CT 100

from diameter 100 uo to 700 with great traction thanks to the 6-wheel drive, steering function. Can be used with the RC-65 roto camera and can be expanded with additional lighting, various wheel sets and elevator. tractor can be equipped optional with measuring board for inclination and so on.

Area of A​pplicationPipe, Wells (horizontal), Industry
Dimensions73mm, width 90mm, length 200mm
Weight6,3 kg

CT 150

A high power engine and ideal power transmission with different pipe properties are the main features of tractor CT-150. Current engine technology, finely tuned control electronics and the right materials are the guarantors of this innovative product. The CT-150 can be steered, has a motorized, remote-controlled camera lift, the camera mount and cable connector are pivotable, which makes it easier to insert into the pipe. An optional additional light ensures the best lighting even in very large pipes. tractor can be equipped optional with measuring board for inclination and so on.

Area of A​pplicationPipe, Wells (horizontal), Industry
DimensionsHeight 118mm, width 128mm, length 510mm
Weight16 kg