To make something visible that is our goal.

Looking where you can’t see without tools is the challenge we face with passion. Whether it is the spatial conditions, such as cavities, or places that are difficult to access, or the environmental conditions that make access difficult or impossible, we always find a solution.

For that, we develop and manufacture TV systems for optical inspection and for many areas of application. In addition to demanding custom-made products and customer-specific solutions, these are our largest areas of application:

Sewage Systems

In house area, in the street area, up to the sewage treatment plant.

From the smallest pipe to the large street sewer (collector), we are at home in all dimensions. Whether a particular ability to negotiate bends or long cables are required, an all-round view or a camera that can be turned, we have the right product portfolio for your application.

Wells and Deep Wells

Wells in private or industrial areas.

The application conditions are very different in this area. Be it the location, the access, the construction (vertical and horizontal) or the high pressure resistance (up to 30 bar). itv supplies cameras with excellent resolution and the specific accessories.

Power Plants

Nuclear power palnts and industrial plants

Pipelines with different requirements, operation options for horizontal and vertical use, from ventilation pipes to inspections in reactor pools, we supply cameras for inspection, monitoring, e.g. for maintenance work (grinding robots). itv is the partner who also combines knowledge and competence for very individual solutions and one-off productions ready for series production and has been using systems worldwide for many years.

Special developments

Product design and customized development

As a service, we offer customer-specific developments of complex products and components. Our specialty is optical systems including data transmission and lighting tasks, bus systems, miniaturized robot technology with corresponding power electronics and measurement technology with sensors.