Our aim is to limit ourselves to the important things without restricting ourselves.

itv’s product portfolio covers all application areas of optical inspection in a special way. From small push system to portable system to up to comfortable TV inspection vehicle. itv product range covers all areas with just a few components. As a result, our customers are not limited exclusively to the standard products. If there is actually an unusual inspection task, we are also on your side as a partner for custom-made products.

Sewage Systems

In the house, in the street area, up to the sewage treatment plant.

From the smallest pipe to the large street sewer (collector), we are at home in all dimensions. Whether a particular ability to negotiate bends or long cables are required, an all-round view or a camera that can be turned, we have the right product portfolio for your application.

Wells and Deep Wells

Wells in private or industrial areas.

The application conditions are very different in this area. Be it the location, the access, the construction (vertical and horizontal) or the high pressure resistance (up to 30 bar). itv supplies cameras with excellent resolution and the specific accessories.

Power Plants of any kind

Nuclear power palnts and industrial plants

partner who also combines knowledge and competence for very individual solutions and one-off productions ready for series production and has been using systems worldwide for many years.

Special developments

Product design and customized development

Before the search for suitable technologies begins, the product requirements must be analyzed.

  • What tasks and functions should the product fulfil?
  • What existing restrictions need to be taken into account in advance?
  • What does the market for existing components and technologies look like?
  • Can available technologies also be used?

Based on a clear definition of requirements, we create a selection of technologies in order to achieve a realistic realization.

Specialist areas

  • Mechanical development with CAD in 3D
  • Electronic development with component selection
  • Layout design of circuit boards with in-house assembly
  • Component selection
  • Firmware and software development
  • Prototypes
  • Proofs of concept creation
  • production

Special technical and product developments

  • Optical inspection systems
  • Robots
  • Manipulators
  • Camera systems and video technology
  • Image and data transmission via cable/radio
  • Lighting units
  • Research projects in collaboration with universities
  • Power electronics