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At the company headquarter we develop and manufacture the complete product range of inspection systems in co-operation with numerous electronic and mechanical specialized companies in our area.

itv systems are used all over the world and not just in European markets. Eastern markets, which have already been covered for several years with increasing intensity, have tremendous potential in the immediate future.

The company's inspection operations can be divided up into what are essentially three groups of users. The main business continues to include sewer inspection, while well inspection is developing into another major focus as well. itv has succeeded in establishing itself effectively as an expert for special developments too.

Latest-generation inspection systems have to satisfy many different requirements. They include not only compact microelectronics and rugged precision/micromechanics but also operation-based software for controlling the systems. Data collection, processing, storage and transmission play a prominent role too.
The company's mission is to supply reliable, technically sophisticated and simply operated inspection systems all over the world, that perform successfully in the increasingly fierce competitive environment on the market and set standards in their respective classes.

itv has been one of the major successful development and production companies in the inspection field for many years now. Success is not a matter of luck. It is the result of a systematic business policy, experienced management, an uncompromising quality philosophy and strong commitment on the part of all the staff. itv now has a service base of its own in the Leipzig area as well as a network of more than 12 agents and service stations throughout Europe.

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