The concept of itv

The innovative product concept offers again and again new and application-optimized components and systems with extensive and as far as possible unique compatibility characteristics to the itv customers. The following targets of our development represent a constant component of the enterprise concept for many years: technological restriction on the substantial, expedient solutions with high reliability as the first priority.
Our still as far as possible compatible, clear and efficient product concept is based on the idea of the multi-functional use without any restrictions for the usual application tasks of our customers. Few components - versatile applications - high service lives - cost effectively.

Beside of this our attention is also concentrated to fast and friendly service also. itv - customer is to be able to continue working also in the case of loss as fast as possible and without great expenditure of time.

Beside of the basic product range at inspection systems and accessories itv offers also special developments for unique applications.

The itv product concept is based on creativity, flexibility and innovation in the context with the multi-functional and compatible basic idea.

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