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Water is considered as the most important food. In Germany at present approximately 240 water well companies pump fresh water from the depths to the surface. This is divided to the following categories: spa water, mineral water, spring water and table water.
We wash our hands, we take a shower, use the toilet and pure water makes us free from dirt and fresh again. It leaves us in the lateral and in the sewer. Hidden from our eyes and the public it disappears in the underground, many sewers make sure that our waste water arrives at the place of destination.

They transport enormous amounts of waste water and wastes. A large assistance but a source of risk too! A computer extrapolation for Germany expect approximately 20 % of waste water loss by damaged sewer in the underground. Not each waste water that is lost this is harmful, but remember the lot of additives which we waste water includes.

Therefore the perfect condition of the sewers is particularly important. Its our part to make sure that the waste water arrives at the planned destination and not in areas we cannot control, especially not in the groundwater.

itv supplies with his special sewer inspection equipment a substantial contribution for controlling of waste water lines, to document damages and analyse risc factors.

In drains you find a multiplicity of damage with the most different the extents and consequences. Beside from an impairment of achievement and operability of that sewer system, as well as stability, connected with possible traffic endangerments, is in nearly every case a leakage and therefore waste water loss arising. Depending to the hydraulic and geological conditions mostly is combined with infiltration of groundwater.

sewer inspection means arrangements to determine the actual condition of the sewer and the associated buildings. The legal basis for the necessity for an inspection results in Germany from the duty to safeguard traffic after BGB and the general duty to exercise diligence in accordance with water conservation law (§§ 1a, 18b) and the respective national water laws (like e.g. self-control regulation, self-control monitoring). A sewer inspection is from there the primary operation in front of each repair or renovation.
boreholes and water wells
A nice jump into fresh water, refreshing our body under a cool shower and much to drink. Water for us a matter of course. Showers, cooking, cleaning and flowers casting, each day we use the average of 130 litres of fresh water.

Groundwater is taken through water wells and water sources from the ground. From approximately 25,000 water wells in Germany, for 85 million humans, clean and fresh drinking water is promoted.

But each water well is more and more blogged through the years and the flow rate becomes lower and lower. The water well must be inspected and cleaned. State of the art and high pressure tight video inspection cameras examine the water well and its filter pipes up. Also the water pumps are examined. With a high resolution, remote controlled underwater camera each meter is inspected. The camera must resist a water pressure of 50 bar and more. The point of view is variable whether straight forward or to the side, each centimeter can be controlled.

Chimneys and fire-places
It is cold outside, we heat, warmness creates sense of well-being. Our heating gives its best and the rest escapes through the chimney. Exhaust gas are aggressive, harm the fire-place. Constantly changing humidity are stressing the chimney and so after some time a renovation of the chimney is recommended or unavoidable. Also here a visual inspection can supply the necessary clarity.

Power stations
Whether combined heat and power station or nuclear power station. Whether cooling line or reactor pressure vessels, whether normal environment or radioactive, itv inspection systems are designed for the most diverse conditions and can be designed for each situation, to supply the required view.

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